Match List 2023

Here is the schedule of Preston Angling Association matches for 2023.

Trout matches at Barnsfold will be charged at the current two-fish rate plus pool. Coarse matches will be charged at £3 plus pool, except for the Challenge Trophy. Pegs for coarse matches will be drawn 45 minutes before the start time.

The Challenge Trophy will take place at The Willow Pool, Hudson’s Farm Fishery, Rawcliffe Road, St Michael’s on Wyre, Preston. PR3 OUH: £9 per peg plus pool. Pegs are limited for this match and must be booked in advance.

Sun. 16 April10.00-3.00TroutBarnsfoldDerek Mason Trophy
Sun. 7 May10.00-3.00TroutBarnsfoldRon Lyons Memorial Trophy
Sun. 27 May9.30-3.30CoarseHeskin Old Hall, Pond 3Le Marachel Trophy
Sun. 11 June9.30-3.30TroutBarnsfoldBarnsfold Trophy
Sun. 25 June9.30-3.30CoarseHudson’s FarmChallenge Trophy
Sun. 23 July9.30-3.30CoarseHeskin Old Hall, Pond 1Ted Ashworth Trophy
Sun. 20 Aug.9.30-3.30CoarseHeskin Old Hall, Pond 3T. Hardman Trophy
Sun. 3 Sept.9.30-3.30CoarseHeskin Old Hall, Pond 3Colin Aspinall Trophy
Sun. 15 Oct.10.00-3.00TroutBarnsfoldArthur Grey Trophy
Sun. 3 Dec.10.00-2.00TroutBarnsfoldFur & Feather
Preston Angling Association Match List 2023

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